A Pure Heart, A Clear Conscience, A Genuine Faith, A Humble Mind

A pure heart spews forth LOVE for mankind, for nature and PASSION within me – Emotional Intelligence at its peak.

A clear conscience is the ultimate compass for life’s journey – the guide for right and wrong, dead set and locked on TRUE NORTH PRINCIPLES. A clear conscience is the only guide that can drive a pure heart, a genuine faith and a humble mind …. Spiritual Intelligence at its peak.

A genuine faith comes from meditating under the guidance of a clear conscience. Faith being “…. the substance of things hope for, and evidence of things unseen” is the ultimate weapon for conquering uncertainty, chaos and the key to living hapily and fulfilled in the moment.

A humble mind is always aware of how little it knows and lingers for understanding, not just knowledge. Understanding reveals our unique purpose and a vision of life as it should be – spontaneous creativity, effortless virtue and holistic problem-solving in elegantly simple ways – now that is IQ at its peak