Vanity Always Bites Back

The Doctor, an Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I

This article seems like it belongs more in my other blog about my Leadership & Management insights from movies []. I thought I´d put it hear because vanity [¨….my favourite sin¨ according to Al Pacino in ¨The Devil´s Advocate¨] is potentially our biggest adversary on the path to excellence and perfection.

Start with vanity, and then arrogance, pride, selfishness, egomania and other vices are just round the corner. I recently watched an episode of StarTrek Voyager – ¨Life Line¨. What interests me is this genius scientist (Dr. Zimmerman) who created the a wonderful invention – a holographic medical doctor with the combined medical knowledge of more than 500 species. He created about 700 of these holodoctors and being a quite vain person, made them all resemble him. About two years later, the authorities decide these holodoctors weren´t good enough and so re-configured them to essentially be garbage collectors. And …. ha!!!!! Dr. Zimmerman now can´t stand the fact that there are 700 holograms that look exactly like him that do work that he dispises.

I suppose vanity is one of those children of the ego that can´t be done away with overnight …. rather it must be peeled like an onion, one layer coming off reveals another. The problem is that those wonderful things for which we want credit could easily turn sour in the near future …. so next time you are tempted to indulge your vanity, step back and think … if this outcome were completely reversed from respect to disrespect, good to bad etc, would I be able to live with it?


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